Dear Parents and Children

I hope that you and your family are safe and well. I am missing you all and looking forward to seeing you before too long.

You will have heard on the news that the government is planning for the reopening of schools after half-term. This is good news. Islington Council are supporting this idea but are advising schools to open gradually to ensure that we can keep the children safe. We will be starting with Year 6 who will be invited in during the week starting 8th.

Week One -1st June

Staff will be in the school preparing the school for social distancing. This is a big job involving;

  • Staff training on new hygiene procedures.
  • Setting up hand-washing stations and other infection control measures
  • Setting up classrooms to take a maximum of nine pupils.
  • Providing signs for inside and outside the building to ensure social distancing.

Week Two - 8th June

Each Year 6 pupil will be invited in for two days. This timetable will be established once we know the numbers who will attend. The teachers are phoning pupils before half-term to find out how many pupils intend to come in. Parents of Year 6 pupils will be informed of the timetable during the week after half-term..

Week Three - 15th June

The government would prefer Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils to be in school. If that is what parents would like, then I will organise for them to come to school. The teachers will find out your wishes through the phone calls. The parents of younger children that I have spoken to so far, have all been in favour of waiting until September. The common opinion has been that young children cannot socially distance and therefore are safer at home.

A number of parents have asked if children will have to come to school. While I would love to see your children at school, until the end of term, you are free to choose. The home learning materials will continue to be produced. The curriculum will be the same for children in school and for those learning at home.

I am very impressed by the amount of work that children are doing at home. Please keep this up. It is very important. There will be a break at half-term but feel free to continue with activities from the website. As the weather is good, please make sure that your child has plenty of physical activity outdoors.

The government and Islington Council are producing new advice every day. I will update you further when I have more information.

Greg Crawford